A study of scale construction for the measurement on traditionality and modernity in the Asian American/ Pacific Islander population

Pearl Shih Chang (pearlchang@clayton.edu)
Counseling and Human Development Services, University of Georgia
August, 2012
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A scale for Asian Americans/ Pacific Islanders (AAPI) has not been discovered although numerous attempts have been made to create a quantitative measure for traditionality and modernity (T-M). This project includes the conceptualization and subsequent development of items and a scale measuring T-M. The scale, named AAPIVS (Asian American/ Pacific Islander
Values Scale), consisted of 46 items and was given to 394 AAPI participants. The AAPIVS consisted of five factors including, Familialism, Gender Beliefs, Spirituality/ Religiosity, Cultural Maintenance and Emotional Regulation. An exploratory factor analysis (EFA) was
conducted on the responses, which revealed a 27 item structure. The results revealed five factors, which were Familial Preferences, Gender Beliefs, Traditionality, Spirituality/ Religiosity and
Image Retention. Results indicated that traditionality may be conceptually related to modernity in a different manner than in previous research. Implications and future directions in T-M research are discussed.