Erasto Kayumbe
Information Communication Department, Coventry University via Institute of Accountancy Arusha
November, 2011
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This study aimed at assessing the usage of Information Communication Technologies in the management of public records as a part and parcel of e-government implementation in Tanzania. The study examine the use of ICTs during the creation, maintenance, use and disposition of records, the existence or non-existence of electronic records management policies and procedures, as well as e- records security measures at ACC.
A case study methodology was used and questionnaires were distributed to 37 officers selected from senior members of staff, IT staffs and records administrative personnel. Personal observations, documentary review were carried out and interviews were conducted to substantiate data gathered from the questionnaires.
The study revealed that ACC lacks organization-wide policies and procedures for the creation, use, maintenance and disposition of digital born records resulting in uncoordinated procedures for managing its e-records and that most of the processes for managing records were manual.
The study reiterate the call for collaboration between records staffs at the department and information communication technology (ICT) professionals in designing systems that take care of electronic records management requirements
Furthermore the study recommends that ACC develops and implements Council-wide e- records management policies and procedures to ensure the creation and maintenance of authentic, reliable, complete and useable electronic records, capable of supporting e- governance implementation and other business functions and activities for as long as they are needed.
Lastly the study concludes by calling upon the council to embrace e-records within an organisation by providing training to its records management staffs so as to impart them with the adequate knowledge and skills in e-records management.