Identifying Black Spot Accident Zones Using a Geographical Information System on Kombolcha-Dessie Road in Ethiopia

  • Alamirew Mulugeta Tola School of Civil, Water Resource Engineering and Architecture, Kombolcha Institute of Technology, Wollo University, Ethiopia
  • Alemayehu Gebissa Faculty of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences, Chair of Geotechnics and Coastal Engineering, Rostock University, Germany
Keywords: Black spot, Crash, Ethiopia, Getis-Ord Gi*, GIS


The rate of traffic accidents is growing rapidly in Ethiopia. This paper illustrates the advantages of using a geographical information system (GIS) to identify so-called black spot locations, which would be the initial and most crucial step in the road safety analysis. This study has identified black spot accident locations in the South Wollo Zone, Ethiopia, using the Kombolcha-Dessie road segment, by using ArcGIS software as a hotspot analysis tool. Five years (2012-2016) worth of accident data history on Kombolcha-Dessie road was collected to identify locations with a higher rate of crash occurrences. This entire block of accident data was spatially distributed on the digitized map of the road (including the crash occurrence sites) and the respective weight based on their accident severity was applied. The hotspot analysis result identified five (5) accident hotspot locations. These are; Kombolcha town roundabout-1,


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