Preparation and Characterization of the Thermoluminescence Properties of Mg-doped ZnO

  • Youssef Abdulla Researcher & Lecturer / Associate Professor at Sebha University, Libya
  • Abeer Abraheem MSc. Student at Faculty of Science sebha university, Libya
Keywords: Mg-doped ZnO, sol-gel method, UV source, TL


ZnO and Mg-doped ZnO nanoparticles were prepared by sol-gel method. X-ray diffraction studies of the sample confirm hexagonal phase. Crystallite size calculated using Scherer equation and found to be 48.5nm for undoped ZnO and 44.3nm for 1% Mg doped ZnO, 40.9nm for 2% Mg-doped ZnO and 38.7nm for 3% Mg-doped ZnO. Undoped sample exhibit unstructured low intense TL glow curve, whereas Mg doped samples exhibit will structured TL glow curves with a broad peak around 2800C to 3300C  depends on the UV energy. The TL response as a function of UV energy showed a linearity behavior over the range investigated, and 1% Mg-doped ZnO sample gives very good reproducibility compared with 2% and 3% Mg-doped ZnO samples.


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