Medical Causes and Emergency Basic Care in the Place of Accidents in Road Traffic

  • Basri Lenjani Hospital and University Clinical Service of Kosovo, Emergency Clinic
  • Nuhi Arslani Hospital and University Clinical Service of Kosovo, Emergency Clinic
  • Nehat Baftiu College of Medical Sciences Resonance
  • Blerim Krasniqi College of Medical Sciences Resonance
  • Shpresa Makolli
  • Lirije Beqiri
  • Aferdita Berisha College of Medical Sciences Resonance
  • Erza Mulaj
  • Dardan Lenjani
Keywords: Accidents, Traffic, Disease, injury, illness, BLS, causes, medical, emergency, care


Road traffic accidents in Kosovo and around the world are taking many lives, causing casualties; injuries, disability, health problem, suffering, economic problems, family problems and death. Medical causes of road traffic accidents are caused; acute illnesses. Chronic, drugs, alcohol and fatigue etc. The Integrated Education Network of the first medical staff education and training is legally obliged to provide medical care at the scene of the accident to ensure and improve the quality of emergency medical care for victims of road traffic accident. The main purpose of this retrospective research is to identify the main causes of health problems that affect road traffic accidents, reducing morbidity, disability and mortality by implementing first aid measures at the scene of the accident. The research material was taken from the medical documentation of injured in road traffic accidents at the UCCK Emergency Clinic for the period January - December 2019. The research samples were the only injured in road traffic accidents. In the research 5254 cases of road traffic accidents were investigated, the research is of retrospective type, where the medical causes in causing traffic accidents were identified. According to the January - December 2019 patient numbers, there were 86,690 cases requiring medical assistance and 5254 of them being injured in road traffic accidents or 6.06. Medical causes of traffic accidents, 904 cases or 17.20% with diabetes, 680 cases or 12.94% with hypertension, 160 cases or 3.04% with visual problems and other cases with numbers the smallest of cases. Outbreaks with a non-health problem were 3152 cases or 59.99%. finally; Medical Problems Drugs, alcohol can have a direct impact on causing road traffic accidents to a large extent, which need to be timely intervened. The US Integrated Education Network training and training of first medical staff are legally obliged to provide medical care at the scene of the accident to provide and improve the quality of emergency medical care to victims in the event of a road traffic accident.


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