Photometric Study of Open Star Clusters SAI 102 and SAI103


  • Rasha Alghamdi King Abudalaziz University, JEDDAH, Saudi Arabia


Open Clusters, Stars, 2MASS, PPMXL, Photometric, Mass Function, SAI102 and SAI103


The photometrical parameters of two open star clusters SAI 102 and SAI 103 were studied using the near-infrared region JHKs data. The cluster center has been estimated for SAI 102 (?= 09h05m 39.7824s and ? =-37? 52? 29.388??) and for SAI 103(?= 09h 07m 32.75s and ?=-47? 48?13.42??). The astrophysical parameters (reddening, distance, age, etc) hade been obtained from the Color Magnitude Diagram (CMD) for each cluster. The distance from the Sun for these clusters are between 1300 and 1750pc, while the logs (age) for SAI 102 and SAI 103 are 9.7 and 9.4, respectively. Finally, the luminosity and mass functions of these clusters are estimated. The total masses of SAI 102 and SAI 103 are 317.0749 M? and 490.73 M?, respectively, while the mass function slop values were -2.366 and -3.434 for SAI 102 and SAI 103, respectively.


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