Analysis of Factors Affecting District/City GRDP in Kalimantan Island


  • Dikky Wirwana IPB University, Jl. Raya Dramaga, Babakan, Dramaga District, Bogor City, West Java, Indonesia.
  • Muhammad Nur Aidi IPB University, Jl. Raya Dramaga, Babakan, Dramaga District, Bogor City, West Java, Indonesia.
  • Anwar Fitrianto IPB University, Jl. Raya Dramaga, Babakan, Dramaga District, Bogor City, West Java, Indonesia.


GRDP, Multicollinearity, Geographically Weighted Regression


The Gross Regional Domestic Product (GRDP) is the added value of production obtained from various sectors. The value of GRDP is one of the indicators to see and measure the economic growth of a region. When compared to other islands, Kalimantan Island has a GRDP value that is quite low. Therefore, regression analysis is needed to see what factors affect the value of GRDP. However, the problem that is often found is that the local conditions of each place are different. There are many things behind it, one of which is in terms of geography. This is often referred to as spatial heterogeneity. One of the spatial modeling techniques that overcomes spatial heterogeneity is Geographically Weighted Regression. Because the weighting is based on the location of the observation or the area, it is possible that modeling on more than one explanatory variable has multicolinearity. There are several methods that are able to overcome multicolinearity in the GWR model, including Ridge regression and Least Absolute Shrinkage and Selection Operator (LASSO). In this study, the best model is the Geographically Weighted Regression model with a coefficient of determination (R2) of 97.63% and an RMSE value of 258711464. The dominant factors affecting the value of GRDP at each location are the Human Development Index (IPM), the number of workers, and the percentage of households using electricity.


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