The Art of Tactile Sensing: A State of Art Survey


  • Royson Donate D Assistant Professor, Manipal University, Dubai 345050, UAE
  • Adithya Joshy Student, Manipal University, Dubai 345050, UAE
  • Arjun Mini Student, Manipal University, Dubai 345050,UAE
  • Nikhitha .M. Panicker Student, Manipal University, Dubai 345050,UAE


Tactile sensors, robotic sensors, tactile sensor applications.


This paper describes about tactile sensors, its transduction methods, state-of-art and various application areas of these sensors. Here we are taking in consideration the sense of touch. This provides the robots with tactile perception. In most of the robotic application the sense of touch is very helpful. The ability of robots to touch and feel the object, grasping an object by controlled pressure, mainly to categorize the surface textures. Tactile sensors can measure the force been applied on an area of touch. The data which is interpreted from the sensor is accumulated by the array of coordinated group of touch sensors. The sense of touch in human is distributed in four kinds by tactile receptors: Meissner corpuscles, the Merkel cells, the Rufina endings, and the Pacinian corpuscles. There has many innovations done to mimic the behaviour of human touch. The contact forces are measured by the sensor and this data is used to determine the manipulation of the robot.


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