Difference in the Sustainability between Microfinancial Institutions Which Offer Combined Services and Those Which Offer Solely Micro-Credit


  • Christine Avortri PhD Candidate and a lecturer, Banking and Finance Department, University of Professional Studies, P.O. Box LG 149, Legon, Accra, Ghana, +233 0543 473 496
  • Prof. T. B. Wereko Dean of Business, Accra Institute of Technology, Accra- North, Ghana, +233 0245 372 576


micro-credit, micro-savings, Operational self-sufficiency, Portfolio at risk, Sustainability.


The sustainability of MFIs in Ghana has been of great concern to all stakeholders due to the rampant collapsing of Microfinancial institutions in recent times. The study assesses the difference in the sustainability of Microfinancial institutions which offer both micro credit and micro savings and those which offer solely micro-credit. The study was conducted in Ghana using data from sample of 20 out of 32 Microfinancial Institutions in the country which had reported to the Microfinance Information Exchange Market from 2006 to 2013. The study adopted quantitative approach and used Mann- Whitney U test in analysing the data.


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