Unhealthy Behavior Related to the Risk Factors of Cardiovascular Diseases


  • Ii Solihah Department of Nursing, Health Politechnic Jakarta I, Indonesia
  • Atikah Adyas Anwar Department of Ortotic Prostetic, Health Politechnic Jakarta I, Indonesia
  • Tri Riana Lestari Department of Ortotic Prostetic, Health Politechnic Jakarta I, Indonesia


unhealthy, behavior, risk factor.


In Indonesia, the prevalence of non-communicable diseases is increasing as the cause of death, especially heart disease. This mortality rate is predicted to continue to increase in line with lifestyle changes, so that behavioral prevention is important. The aims of research to study the behavior of male employees on the prevention of cardiovascular disease. Cross sectional study design, with correlation analysis, samples from male employees amounted to 96 respondents in Health Education Institutions South Jakarta, Indonesia. Overview predisposing factors: age < 45 years (53.3%), non-health education 80.4%, less knowledge about cardiovascular disease, smoking, obesity, hypertension, diabetes, hypercholesterolemia; enabling factors (institutional support) and the reinforcing factors (family support) is still lacking, as well as 28.3% do not take precautions. Chi Square test results there is no relationship of smoking (p = 0.006), obesity (p = 0.027), hypertension (p = 0.03,) with behavioral prevention of cardiovascular disease. Test multiple logistic regression analysis showed smoke accompanied by obesity less likely to take precautions (p = 0.043; OR 10.415). Conclusion: A male employee at the South Jakarta Health Educational Institution who smoke and accompanied by obesity prevention of cardiovascular disease. Suggestion: it is necessary behavioral interventions for the prevention of cardiovascular disease in male employee that smoking and obesity in Jakarta Health Education Institution.


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