Assessing the University Image of La Consolacion University Philippines and the Level of Satisfaction of International Clients

  • Ma. Renarlyn Rose J. Cardenas Director for Linkages, Research, Extension, and Linkages9, La Consolacion University Philippines, Bulihan, City of Malolos, Bulacan 3000, Philippines
Keywords: university image, student satisfaction, education, teaching.


This study analyzes the student satisfaction of La Consolacion University Philippines’ foreign students and recognizes the image of La Consolacion University Philippines to its International clientele.Specifically, this research assessed the satisfaction of La Consolacion University Philippines’ international students; the image of La Consolacion University Philippines to its international clientele; determination of how the university portrays its role to its international clientele; the level of the satisfaction of the foreign students to the services offered by the university; and how the university deals with the uncontrollable needs and desires of its foreign students.The researcher utilized Quantitative method to conduct the study which was done by gathering information using Standardized Survey Questionnaires that was disseminated to the international students of the university who were currently enrolled for the academic year. In so far as what LCUP’s foreign clientele has experienced, the institution provides them satisfactorily. The same thing can be said for the university image assessment. As to whether these results have any relationship with each other, the Spearman rank-order correlation test reveals that there is a statistical significance. The study has provided a link between university image and student satisfaction. Hence, it can be said that the way a university is perceived by its foreign clientele has something to do with the foreign students’ satisfaction.


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