Staffing Skills of Public Elementary School Administrators

  • Emiteria Bacay Villamor Ed.D DepEd Batangas Province, Mabini District, P. Niogan, Mabini Batangas, P. Niogan, Mabini, Batangas, 4202, Philippines
Keywords: management plan, professional growth, staff development, staffing skills.


This research aimed to determine the extent of staffing skills of school administrators in Batangas Province and those from the Division of Batangas City, Division of Lipa City and Division of Tanauan to come up with a proposed management plan to enhance their staffing skills.  The descriptive type of research was used with a questionnaire as the main instrument in gathering data supplemented with information from the respondents. This research primarily dealt with the assessment of the staffing skills of public elementary school administrators. The following specific research questions gave the study direction and purpose: What is the profile of respondents in terms of the following characteristics personal and professional; what extent do school administrators manifest their staffing skills as assessed by teachers and principals themselves relative to selection, inventory, appraisal and training development; the significant relationship between the profile variables and the extent of manifestation of administrators’ staffing skills; the issues and concerns related to staffing functions;  commonly observed weaknesses in staffing assignments and  what management plan may be prepared toward staffing skills development?Respondents were 262 public elementary school administrators and randomly selected 386 teachers.  Statistical tools used were ranking, weighted mean and Pearson product moment correlation. Results revealed that test hypothesis showed age, sex, civil status, number of years as school head, trainings and seminars, and membership were found not to have significant relationship with the school administrators’ staffing skills. However, the school administrators’ professional characteristics had significant relationship to the administrators staffing skills in terms of appraisal which was contrary as regard with personal characteristics.Highlighted issues and concerns on staffing skills were lack of encouragement among staff, lack of opportunities for professional growth and mismatch in teacher’s assignment and qualification.  The commonly observed weaknesses in staffing as assessed by the school administrators were failure to prepare reports and documents and designate teachers who will mentor their co-teachers and lack of qualified teachers to facilitate or conduct group meetings.From the findings and conclusions, it was recommended that the proposed management plan be considered for effective implementation of staff development toward excellent service.


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