Oplan Lagi Sa Eskwela: Absenteeism Reduction Scheme at San Juan Elementary School

  • Carolyn delos Reyes MA. Ed. San Juan Elementary School, San Juan Sto. Tomas Batangas ,4234, Philippines
  • Marites Q. Balba Ed.D San Juan Elementary School, San Juan Sto. Tomas Batangas ,4234, Philippines
Keywords: absenteeism, learners, descriptive design, reduction scheme, Philippines.


This study dealt about the Reduction Scheme in absenteeism at San Juan Elementary School. Teachers are always faced learners who are always absent   and  cannot  complete  their  attendance  for the whole school year .  Educators,  are always think what will be the best solution to reduce and lessen the number of pupils who are always absents inside the classroom.. The authors in [1]; noted that  attendance in classrooms is made  compulsory  to  ensure continuity in the student’s  learning process. The researchers are very captivated to truly comprehend the factors that initiates the absenteeism of the learners at San Juan Elementary School. Also, this study aims to determine the action research writing to create  plans, activities ,projects, and programs to lessen  the absences of the pupils. Once they are singled out, understood, and analyzed, these issues may be addressed with specific actions and measures. This will eventually the basis and help the learners to perform well inside and outside the school. In addition, teachers and parents will also benefit to this study because they will find what will be the best solution to the rampant absenteeism of the learners. This is a descriptive qualitative research. It of composed of one hundred fifty –seven (157) pupils from different grade 4 to 6 level , eight (8) faculty members and one hundred fifty-seven (157) parents . The researchers used three data gathering procedures namely, interview method and discussion, survey method. From the research findings, it is therefore clear that the aim of the study is the reduction of absenteeism and gets 100% attendance from the learners at San Juan Elementary School.Based on the results , the number of attendance of the pupils from kindergarten up to grade 6 level for the school year 2016-2017 clearly described that in the months of July to February, the learners were not able to complete the number of days of their attendance. However , The distribution of respondents according to the general factors that causes the absenteeism of the learners out of one hundred fifty –seven respondents from learners and parents category financial matters got the highest percentage or 54 (34.29%)- students , 45(28.66%) -parents. In addition to the results, from the teachers’ category family matters got the most score ( 4 or 50%). Lastly, was come up with possible solutions and recommendations to reduce the number of absenteeism of the learners and it shows that 38.22% ( 60) responses answered is to Inform parents about the benefit of keeping their children in school.


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