Effective Model of Performance Management in Frame Workof Corruption Criminal Action in Bogor City Government

  • Nandang Saefudin Zenju State Administration Study Program, Djuanda University, Bogor Indonesia
  • Ginung Pratidina State Administration Study Program, Djuanda University, Bogor Indonesia
  • Abubakar Iskandar State Administration Major, Djuanda University, Bogor, Indonesia
Keywords: Corruption, unpreparedness, fear, performance management.


The Regional autonomy is applied in Indonesia through Law Number 22 of 1999 concerning Regional Government. However, regional autonomy officially took effect on January 1st, 2001 that is the management of local government performance which includes system design, variable declaration, implementation mechanism, reporting process and evaluation and follow-up that includes efficiency, quality and effectiveness of government programs. It gave to the regional opportunities to take care of themself. The purposes of the research are to analyze the main factors of low APBD (Regional Government Budget) absorbtion in Bogor city. To analyzes the influence of corruption cases on the SKPD’s (Regional Work Unit) behavior in their work programs and APBD (Regional Government Budget) absorbtion in Bogor city. To analize the influence of SKPD’s (Regional Work Unit) unpreparedness in order to do their tasks consistently and avoid corruption criminal acts. The research used quantitative and qualitative approaches. The Quantitative methods could be interpreted as a research method that used significance analysis that used the Product Moment Correlation test, and the qualitative method used content analysis. The results showed that in order to create a performance management environment in Bogor City government.It was needed to share ideas between Regional Work Units by informing about the implementation of work plans and achievements of SKPD (Regional Work Unit) Strategic Plan, analysis of SKPD (Regional Work Unit) service performance, issues about the implementation of SKPD (Regional Work Unit) tasks and functions, and providing feedback on how Regional Work Units achieve these goals. Performance professionalism is not only from the aspect of the apparatus but they also must have high competence, so their performances are good, and it is needed to be supported by a conducive of Regional Work Unit. Good management, reliable management, and administrative technology (facilities and infrastructure) are needed for the performance of the apparatus to do their Main Tasks and Functions better. The researh also showed that there was a correlation coefficient of 0.559. It means that the relationship between Corruption Crime and the low APBD (Regional Government Budget) absorbtion is very close. Correlation coefficient is positive (+). It is the relationship between Corruption Crimes with low Regional Government Budget/ RGB absorbtion in the same direction, so if the Corruption Act is bigger, the APBD (Regional Government Budget) absorbtion is higher. The sign ** shows that the correlation coefficient is significant at 95% confidence level.


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