Governance Issues at State-Owned-Enterprises in the Second Republic of Zimbabwe

  • Dr Kudakwashe Zvitambo Senior Lecturer at Reformed Church University, Box 80 Masvingo, 00263 , Zimbabwe
  • Ropafadzo Mhizha Lecturer at Reformed Church University, Box 80 Masvingo 00263, Zimbabwe
Keywords: Business Governance, State Owned Enterprises, Board of Directors, Governance Committees.


Zimbabwe experiences economic depression which affects business and performance of many organizations including State Owned Enterprises. Scholars argue that poor governance affected State Owned Enterprises. The paper aims to analyse governance issues at State Owned Enterprises in Zimbabwe. The purpose of the study was to analyse the appointment of board of directors at State Owned Enterprises, to establish the impact of political interference on State Owned Enterprises and to provide recommendations for the improvement of State Owned Enterprise governance. The study used desk-top research where analysis of documents presented by other scholars are analysed and apply the information to the current state of State Owned Enterprises in Zimbabwe. It follows the line of a concept paper. The study established that State Owned Enterprises were facing governance challenges. Poor governance was caused by political, economic and poor management factors among other causes. The paper provides recommendations, among them, the government to privatise and use other models of State Owned Enterprise restructuring strategies.


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