The Effectiveness of the Concentration of Fhytohormones in the Micro Propagation of CAB6P (Prunus Cerasus)

  • Msc. Avdirrahman Gashi Faculty of Agricultural & Environment, Agricultural University of Tirana
  • Prof. Assoc. Dr. Gjok Vuksani Faculty of Agricultural & Environment, Agricultural University of Tirana
  • Dr. Fatbardha Meta Faculty of Biotechnology, Agricultural University of Tirana
  • Dr. Onejda Kycyk Faculty of Biotechnology, Agricultural University of Tirana
  • Prof. Dr. Edlira Kukali Faculty of Agricultural & Environment, Agricultural University of Tirana
Keywords: CAB 6P, Proliferation, Micro-propagation, Plantlets, BAP, ANA and GA3.


This study was carried out to determine the most appropriate culture and plant growth regulators for micro propagation of CAB6P at AUT in the Department of Horticulture & Landscape Architecture. In the scope to evaluate the most efficient and effective protocol for the micro-propagation of the CAB 6P are analyzed four variants of rooting media with auxin additions naphtha acetic acid ANA, benzyl amine Purina BAP, Indol butyric acid IBA and gibberellins GA3 and without any change in the amount of vitamins in Murashige and Skoog: (i) Macro elements ½ MS, MS microelements, 0.1 mg l-1 ANA; (ii) Micro elements ½ MS, Macro elements MS, 0.1 mg l-1 ANA; (iii) Macro elements MS, microelements ½ MS, 2 mg l-1 ANA, iv) Macro Elements MS, Micro Element ½ MS, BAP 0.3 mg l-1, IBA 0.1 mg l-1, GA3 6.7 mg l-1Explants of species prunus cerasus L showed better results during inoculation and organogenesis in rooting media i, where rooting index was very high (90%), while in rooting media ii (75%).In rooting medium iii, high concentrations of ANA auxin induce the formation of callus at the end of the stomach in the plantlets of CAB 6P. Variance Analysis (ANOVA), using JMP software during the rooting phase of explants in four types of media rooting, confirms some changes in terms of rooting index in each media.


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