Study of the Effect of Chemotherapy on Some Serum Antioxidants and Partly Purified Glutathione Peroxidase from Patients with Breast Cancer


  • Yasameen Adnan Anwer Sultan Department of Chemistry/ College of Science/ Kirkuk University/ Kirkuk/ Iraq
  • Sayran Sattar Saleh Department of Chemistry/ College of Science/ Kirkuk University/ Kirkuk/ Iraq


Breast cancer, Glutathione peroxidase, Glutathione, Catalase, Uric acid, Purification of glutathione peroxidase, chemotherapy


Cancer is considered one of the most serious diseases that threaten the society at present. Accordingly, some antioxidants have been studied about breast cancer during chemotherapy and the effect of this treatment on antioxidants that protect cells from oxidation and damage associated with cancer. This study was conducted on (92) Participants; (52) of which for patients with breast cancer who are aged between (25-80) year. Additionally, (40) healthy people aged between (22-75) year were enrolled. The samples were obtained from the Center for Oncology in Azadi Teaching Hospital in Kirkuk. This research deals with the study of glutathione peroxidase (GPx) using gel filtration (Sephadex-50) and the dimension column (28×1.5) cm. The serum from a patient with breast cancer was partially purified and compared with that from healthy female control. The effect of chemotherapy on GPx, Catalase (CAT), Glutathione (GSH) and Uric acid (U. A) has studied as an antioxidant. The results showed, A substantial decrease in the catalase enzyme in the different groups of chemical doses  (A, B, C and D) Group (A) consists of patients undergoing chemotherapy from (1-3) Chemotherapy doses. Group (B) consists from (4-6) Chemotherapy doses, Group (C) consists from (7-9) Chemotherapy doses, Group (D) consists from (10-12) Chemotherapy doses at a Statistical level (p ?0.01). On the other hand, the group (E) consists from (13-16) Chemotherapy doses has found no considerable difference, the drugs that make up the chemotherapy given  to patients (Adriamycin, Cytoxan, methotrexate, Fluorouracil). the level of enzyme activity (GPx)   at a Statistical level (p ?0.01). (C, D and E) groups is decrease, either groups represented by (A and B)  with no significant difference was recorded, the level of enzyme activity (GSH) at a Statistical level (p ?0.01).

 (A) group is decrease, either groups represented by (B,C,D,E) groups  with no significant difference was recorded,.Lastly, in the Uric acid, there are No significant differences in groups that differ in chemical doses.


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