The Use of the Nonionised Electromagnetic Waves’ Enhanced Autogenous Adipose Tissue & Platelet Rich Plasma Injection for Treatment of Osteoarthritis: Case Report

  • Bassem Darwish M.D., Orthopedic consultant & head of the orthopedic department, Dr.Hamid S.Al-Ahmadi hospital, Madinah Munawwarah, postal code: 41441, Saudi Arabia
  • Abdelmoez Lotfy M.D.,Orthopedic consultant , Al-Helal hospital, Cairo , Egypt
  • Sameh Younes M.D.,Orthopedic consultant , Al-Helal hospital, Cairo , Egypt
Keywords: Osteoarthritis, knee, autogenous adipose tissue, platelet rich plasma, injection, electromagnetic waves, enhanced, regeneration, pain.


Osteoarthritis is a joint degradation disorder presenting with joint pain, tenderness, stiffness, locking, and sometimes an effusion. Diagnosis is confirmed by x-ray. Traditional treatment involves a combination of exercise, lifestyle modification, analgesics, steroids, glucosamine, and finally arthrodesis and joint replacement surgery. A 59 years old female with grade IV osteoarthritis that did not respond to traditional medical treatment nor physiotherapy was treated by nonionised electromagnetic waves’ enhanced autogenous adipose tissue & platelet rich plasma injection where  60 ml of subcutaneous adipose tissue & 60 ml of blood was subjected to series of centrifugation in speeds ranging from (4000-12000) round per minute then the autogenous adipose tissue & platelet rich plasma  was exposed to nonionised electromagnetic waves in a spectrum ranging from (350-850) nanometer and for duration ranging from (60-180) seconds in complete aseptic precautions Each knee was injected with 15 ml of cells in aseptic precaution and under cover of antibiotic. Improvement of pain was recorded from the 4th post injection day and x-ray after 6 months showed evidence of cartilage regeneration.


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