Implementation of Just Basic Software in Lecture on Numerical Method

  • Triananda Putri Syiah Kuala University, Jl. Teungku Chik Pante Kulu No. 5 Banda Aceh 23111,Indonesia
  • Anwar Anwar Syiah Kuala University, Jl. Teungku Chik Pante Kulu No. 5 Banda Aceh 23111,Indonesia
  • Hajidin Hajidin Syiah Kuala University, Jl. Teungku Chik Pante Kulu No. 5 Banda Aceh 23111,Indonesia
Keywords: Numerical Method, Just Basic Software.


One of the subjects must be mastered by mathematics students is the Numerical Method. In this lecture, software assistance is needed for difficult and complicated questions to be solved manually. However, based on the needs analysis carried out, the software assistance has not been applied in lecturer of Numerical Method all this time. This study aims to describe the application of Just Basic software in lectures of Numerical Method. This study follows the implementation steps in the ADDIE model (Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation and Evaluation). The subject of this research trial was the students of the Mathematics Education Study Program at Serambi Mekkah University in the 6th semester of 2015. Numerical Method Lecture assisted by Just Basic software was very helpful for students in the lecture process seen from the results of lecture implementation observations which showed excellent results. Then the results of observations of student activities are more than 90%, as well as an increase in formative scores in every meeting. Based on the results of this study, it can be concluded that the lecture on Numerical Method was greatly helped by the application of software.


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