The Development Flow of Islamic Finance Have Challenges

  • Nawal Altawati School of Business Innovation and Technopreneurship , University Malaysia Perlis , 0060 Malaysia
  • Asma Fhema Libyan Academy Janzore, Tripoli Libya, 00218Libya
Keywords: Islamic Finance.


Islamic finance becomes a global environment for a business competition for all Muslims and non-Muslims country this paper will define Islamic finance and find out the most importing challenges will face the new adopter by divided it to four section introductions, literature review divided into three sections. Section one highlights Islamic Finance Development. Section tow outlines the Islamic Financial System. Section three outlines major Norms of Islamic Finance. Section four discusses Islamic Finance Opportunities then the finding will show the mine factor and challenges and finally the conclusion.


Qur'an and Hadith:

Holy Qur'an

Riyad AL-Salehin. Imam Mohieddin Bin Scharf Al- Naowi Damascus.


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