Target Costing as a Facilitating Method for Aerospace Product Development

  • Yunyao Gu Rhode Island School of Design, 2 College Street, Providence, 02903, the United States
  • Siyi He Rhode Island School of Design, 2 College Street, Providence, 02903, the United States
Keywords: Target cost, design, product, aerospace.


This essays focuses on a design method named Target Costing and how this method is applied in aerospace industry. Before Boeing Company started to adopt this method, this method is still less popularly utilized the aerospace industry, than the automobile industry. Few case studies are used to demonstrate the how Boeing Company adopts Target Costing to provide insights from feasible practices. Besides, methodologies that enabled companies to successfully implement Target Costing into their current business circle have been discussed and elaborated as a further proof of its value for organizations, process, tools, and market.


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