The Application and Benefits of Comet Assay in Biomonitoring Studies

  • Nevenka Velickova Associate Professor at Faculty of medical science, University “Goce Delcev” – Stip, Krste Misirkov, 10-A,R. Macedonia
Keywords: comet assay, genotoxicology, ecotoxicology, biomonitoring, cells.


This aticle evaluates the benefits, principle and importance of COMET ASSAY, the most common assay which can be applicate in the field of genotoxicology and ecotoxicology. Considering the fact that today's urban living is highly influenced by the intense growth of many industries, one of the goals of the cytogenetic monitoring is to focus on the ability of various chemical compounds to change the structure of chromosomes and DNA. In this article is explain the practical and experimental aspects of COMET ASSAY as a tests which is accepted by World Health Organisation (WHO) and specified in the list of standard short-term tests for genotoxicological screening of human, animal or plant cells.I hope, that this article will be a precious source of knowledge for scientists and researchers in the field of biomedicine and other science which include biomonitoring.


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