Acoustical Evaluation of Machine Noise Using A and C Decibel Weighting

  • Felix Ugbana Nte Environmental Physics; Department of Physics, Faculty of Science, University of Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria
Keywords: Acoustics, Decibel Weighting, Sound Pollution.


The study on Fast and slow mode, maximum and  minimum readings using sound level, meter was conducted. Sound which is a mechanical disturbance is a wave function in the elastic medium, with a degrees of variance in terms of structural  or electromagnetic wave forms, both of whch obeys  the Broglie theory which states thatMV=Where MV represents the moment of the particle, h= planks constant= 6.625x 10-27, ‘C’ velocity light = 3x108 M/S and ‘V’ the radial frequency of the wave attributed to the particle which are critical in Health safety management. This study is to evaluate the acoustic A and C weighting at the science and Engineering workshop machines, of the University of Port Harcourt as index. The matrix covers the fast and slow mode, maximum and minimum noise level readings. The findings using Pearson correction are indicated in table 1, which shows some level of significant difference between the fast and slow mode and maximum and minimum readings. This finding demands that field instrument operators should understand when to use the A and C weight and when to set on minimum and maximum rating, for greater efficiency.


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