Cloning Mac Address Results Review

  • Md. Abdullah Yusuf Imam Assistant Maintenance Engineer, Department Of ICT, National University, Gazipur-1704, Bangladesh
  • Mr. Prodip Kumar Biswas Sub-Technical Officer, Department Of ICT, National University, Gazipur-1704, Bangladesh
Keywords: Mac, Ip, Router, Clone, Address.


Every network interface has a media access control (MAC) address. Network interface cards come from the factory with a unique MAC address associated with the hardware. Most network cards and routers allow one to set a custom MAC address [1], overriding the MAC address present in the hardware. Cloning a MAC address, or changing the MAC address on one device to the MAC address associated with a different device, can be useful when an Internet connection is associated with a particular MAC address and that MAC address is no longer existed in the network. On the other hand if the ISP blocked the Mac address of the original device, changing Mac address is efficient way to communicate to the internet. Another function of cloning MAC address is used to jam the network with the IP address conflict associated with two devices.   


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