Acceptance among BS Chemistry Students of E-journal at Batangas State University Main Library

Angelica A. Angeles-Macalalad, Bryan John A. Magoling


The BatStateU Electronic Library was first introduced in 2006 and became fully operational in 2007, as part of the rehabilitation of the library. Housing several computer units, the library offers free user access to the internet for their academic and research needs. Through internet access, students are provided with a faster and easier way of securing the very much needed information for their research and study work. Like many other academic libraries, the BatStateU Main Library has initiated an electronic journal access for its users. This study was done to determine the acceptability of the available electronic journal in the Main Library among the BS Chemistry 3rd year students. The preparation of the questionnaire and the gathering of data were done by the researchers. A set of questionnaires was administered to the twenty (20) 3rd year students of BS Chemistry program. 70% of the respondents said that they were good in searching and/or retrieving information from the internet. Most of the respondents have accessed in the internet using their mobile phones. Most of them used the internet service of the Main Library through wifi or the desktop housed in the library. They evaluated their internet experience inside the campus as good (55%) in terms of speed.  All of the respondents were able to use the electronic journal available in the Main Library. Three (3) of the respondents accessed the electronic journal in weekly basis. During their use of the electronic journal available in the library, they rarely encountered problems in viewing, searching and downloading articles related to their course. They appreciate the electronic journal more than the printed journal because of the vivid images. Most of the respondents (80%) support the library in purchasing access to electronic journal/s related to their program.


Electronic Journal; Internet Access; Library Services.

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