Analysis the Level Anxiety of Students in Dealing with National Exam on Mathematics Subjects

Sri Ayu Bintang Lestari, Edy Surya


This research is a descriptive research that aims to find out how the picture of anxiety level of students in facing national exam (UN) on mathematics subjects.The population in this research is all 6th grade students of Budi Rahayu in the even semester of Lesson Year 2016/2017.The sample in this research is the students of grade 6 A and the students of grade 6 B which are totally 80 students.Research data collection using a questionnaire adapted from theHamilton Anxiety Rating Scale (HARS)and interviews.From the results of data collection, 65 students obtained a score ? 31 were basedHARS included in the category of very high levels of anxiety, and 15 students obtained a score between 25-30 were included in the category of high levels of anxiety.There are 7 items of questionnaire instrument that are over 50% percentage of item number 1 (95%), 2 (80%), 5 (67%), 7 (78%), 9 (67%), 10 (62%), 13 (70%).Based on the results of research and discussion, it is concluded that the anxiety level of students Budi Rahayu in facing the UN on mathematics subjects included in the category of anxiety level is very high, which in this study results are influenced by several factors namely the fear of a large student On the inability to answer questions of mathematics subjects in the UN and the time of implementation of the UN is not long anymore.


student anxiety; mathematics; elementary school; the national exam.

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