Magnetogravitodynamic Stability of Resistive Streaming Triple Superposed of Fluid Layers

Alfaisal A. Hasan, Khaled S. Mekheimer, Bassem E. Tantawy


Stability of Magnetohydrodynamic streaming resistive triple superposed fluid layers has been studied. The basic equations were obtained by combining ordinary hydrodynamic equations and Maxwells equations related to electromagnetic field theory. The appropriate boundary conditions have been established for this model, then we obtained the dispersion relationship. The behavior of the system in terms of whether stable or unstable has been discussed. The curves are drawn to illustrate the areas of stability and instability. The effect of different parameters on the stability and the instability of this system was studied. It is found in the magnetic field permeability coefficient and the intensity of the magnetic field values has a destabilizing influence. Also, the increase of the fluids density values has a stabilizing influence. The streaming velocity has a destabilizing influence.


Magnetohydrodynamic; Self-gravitating; Streaming; Resistive; Superposed fluids.

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