Cytogenetic Analysis in Domestic Cats

Disha Ghotage, U.D. Umrikar, M. P. Sawane, V. D. Pawar


The present study comprised of 25 blood samples from domestic cats were  cultured in duplicates for comparing efficacy of two mitogens i.e. Concanvalin A and Lectin.  Concanvalin A was found to be significantly superior to Lectin. GTG- banding was used for preparation of domestic cat karyograms. Diploid number of chromosomes in domestic cats were found to 2n = 38 consisting of 18 pairs of autosomes and 1 pair of sex chromosomes. The 18 pairs of autosomes were classified into 5 groups as A,B,C,D,E, and F consisting of autosome pairs as Large submetacentric 3 pairs, Large subtelocentrics 4 pairs, Large metacentrics 2 pairs, Small submetacentric and subtelocentrics 4 pairs, Small metacentrics2 pairs and Telocentric or acrocentric 2 pairs, respectively. Whereas ‘X’ chromosome was found to be medium sized subtelomeric and ‘Y’ chromosome was small areocentric.  No major significant abnormalities were reported in the present investigation.


Cat; Chromosomes; GTG banding; Cytogenetics; mitogen efficacy.

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