Faculty Development Program Policies in State Universities and Colleges: The Case of Cagayan State University

Ludivina P. Cauilan


This study was conducted to determine the implementation of Faculty Development Program policies in State Universities and Colleges focusing on the case of Cagayan State University, Philippines. Faculty members from the eight campuses of Cagayan State University served as the primary respondents together with administrative Officials who are charged with the implementation of the faculty development program policies.   The result of the study revealed that there is no specific line item budget for faculty development. Its fund is sourced out from the income of the State University. This is a limiting factor in extensively extending the privilege to faculty members. Results also reveal that most of the faculty development programs availed are short term with a maximum period of 5 days. These are usually in the form of seminar workshops and training workshops. Thirty one percent (31%) of the faculty members availed of this privilege for the last five years(2012-2016).  With respect to long term faculty development programs i.e enrolment to masteral degree and doctoral degree programs, only 24.3% were accorded the privilege through the faculty development program of Cagayan State University. Results also revealed that there is a need to review and enhance the existing faculty development program policies of the University particularly prequalification screening policies, processing policies, extension of the term of the grant and policies in case of breach of contract.


Faculty Development; Faculty development program; adherence; policies; faculty.

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