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The International Journal of Sciences: Basic and Applied Research (IJSBAR) is a multidisciplinary peer reviewed Journal. The IJSBAR welcomes the submission of  scientific articles in all scientific fields for this year 2023. For all details About this Journal and about Articles Publication CLICK HERE


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Deadline for Paper Submissions is November 2023: November 28, 2023 end at 23:00 PM GMT.

Date of Publication: Accepted manuscripts will be published within 2-5 days after acceptance in November issue

Paper Acceptance/Rejection Notification:   within 14-21 days

Accepted papers will be published online ISSN (Online) and printed ISSN (Print) 

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Authors are invited to read our International Journals Call For Papers for this year 2023; to find the relevant topics for the journal, and to submit complete unpublished scientific researches, which are not under review in any other conference or academic journal in the following topicsbut not limited to: 




 Medical Technology    



 All fields of Engineering




 Civil Engineering  

 Marine Technology 


 Chemical Engineering

Animal Sciences 

 Petroleum & Gas       

Energy Resources


 Medical Sciences       

 Machine Learning 


 computer Science


 Neural Networks


 Social Science



 Waste Management 

 Control Engineering

 Applied Mathematics 


 Biomedical Materials 



Neural Computing

 Industrial Arts 



Fire & Fire Prevention

Robotics Marine Sciences  

  Solid State Technology

  Business Administration

 Food &Food Industry

Atmospheric Sciences

Artificial Intelligence 

Textile Industry & Fabrics

Education science


Nano Science



Statistics Pharmaceutical Sciences


Botany Veterinary Sciences
Biotechnology Biochemistry



Accounting Entomology


Evolution human behavior


Fisheries Pharmacology


Cell Biology Genomics

Plant Biology

Law Religious Studies


Dentistry Infectious Diseases


Immunology Teacher education




The IJSBAR Published Papers are Indexed, listed, and abstracted in the following places:

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The IJSBAR journal invites the submission of long as well as short papers on original, substantial, and unpublished research in all aspects of basic and applied research. IJSBAR submissions must describe unpublished work. Wherever appropriate, clear evaluation and analysis should be included within the submitted papers. Submissions will be judged on clarity, originality, replicability, correctness, meaningful comparison, and contributions to research resources. Each submission will be reviewed internally and externally. internally by at least one editorial board member, if the submission is found suitable then it will be sent for the external peer review process in which two reviewers will evaluate the research.

Long papers may consist of up to any number of pages of content; final versions should take into account reviewers' comments. Short papers can include: A small, focused contribution, Work in progress, A negative result, An opinion piece.

Deadline : The deadline for the short papers as well as for the Long papers is always extendable; this means that the submission is open in all months for the Journals To Publish Papers: 



Submission Days 


submission is open all the time


submission is open all the time


submission is open all the time


submission is open all the time


submission is open all the time


submission is open all the time


submission is open all the time


submission is open all the time


submission is open all the time


submission is open all the time


submission is open all the time


submission is open all the time


Electronic Submission:

Articles Submission  and Articles Publication In Journals using the journal’s submission software at the following URL:

Submission is open: Submit Your Paper Now


Submitted Paper Format (suggested to follow these instructions):

Research paper submissions and Research Papers Publications should follow the journal template (download the template). The manuscript should be in English, Times new roman; No Columns.

Manuscript (paper) Structure:

The manuscript should be arranged as follows to be accepted by the Articles Publisher:

1- Title page. 

2- Abstract.

3- Key-words. 

4- Introduction. 

 5- Materials and methods. Provide sufficient details of the techniques employed to enable the work to be repeated. Do not describe or refer to commonplace statistical tests in this section but allude to them briefly in Results.

6- Results. State the results and draw attention in the text to important details shown in tables and figures.

7- Discussion. 

 8- Citations and references: this journal uses the IEEE Citation Style. (download detailed instructions)


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