Comparative Perception of the Position and Treatment of Gifted Children in the Czech Republic and the Republic of Macedonia

  • Snezana Mirascieva Regular professor, Krste Misirkov, no. 10-A, Stip 2000, Republic of Macedonia
  • Daniela Koceva Аssociate professor, Krste Misirkov, no. 10-A, Stip 2000, Republic of Macedonia
Keywords: Gifted children, Educational system, Identification, Teaching problems, Talent, Counseling.


In this paper we give an overview of the treatment and position of gifted children in the Czech Republic and the Republic of Macedonia in order to see the similarities and differences in the work with gifted children in both countries. Gifted children usualy find the general education boring and unchallenging, because they are more mature then their peers. In order to make education of gifted children successful, it is necessary to put it on several pillars, so we can achieve the optimal development of gifted pupils. The comparative analysis is aimed at determining the following points:How is the educational system for gifted children children in Czech Republic and in the Republic of Macedonia? Do they have an individual educational plan? Identification of gifted children - How we can recognize gifted children? How we can find them? Are there some test? Who can teach gifted children in Czech Republic and in the Republic of Macedonia? Which problems can have these children? How sucessfully work with gifted children? Counseling for gifted children. All these questions are analyzed in detail and explained in the further part of the paper.


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