Donation of Human Organs and Transplantation in the Light of Great Religions

  • Mahmood Ahmad Ph.D. Researcher, Department of comparative religion and Islamic culture University of Sindh, Jamshoro,Sindh,Pakistan
  • Prof. Dr. Hafiz Munir Ahmed Khan Dean. Department of comparative religion and Islamic culture University of Sindh, Jamshoro, Sindh,Pakistan
Keywords: Explanation of Donation of Human Organ, its sorts, the meaning of death, the permission procedure, transplant dismissal, xenotransplantation, organ trafficking, organ donation in Judaism, Christianity and Islamic viewpoint, various Fatwas for Non-admissibility and Acceptability of organ donation, Decision


Donation of Human Organs and Transplantation are very important issues of the current era. It is being processed in different manners. The medical field is providing new kinds of treatments as well as the transplant of organs for the benefit of humanity. It is, no doubt, a very difficult and intricate part of recent medication. It is a substitution of original but defective organ of a human being by an alternative but perfect organ through operation. It has a variety of methods. Inserting and organ transplantation is a significant issue currently. The medical field is presenting new sources of treatments together with the human organs transplant for human welfare at large. In Christianity and Judaism organ donation is permissible but in Islam there are a small number of religious scholars of the Indo-Pak who are in conflict with the matter of organ donation. But the middle-of-the-road of religious scholars of Islamic states approve and support that organ donation is permissible in Islamic Shariah. From the Islamic point of view, Organ Donation and Transplantation is only allowed if the goals of Islamic Sharia are pursued in letter and spirit. It will be helpful, under the direction of a certified transplant team. In this article, the legitimacy of Donation of Human Organs and Transplantation in the light of great Religions has been deliberated.


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