Exploration of Synthesis and Electrical Properties of Ni0.1Mn0.4Cu0.2Cd0.3Fe2O4 Produced by Sol-Gel Auto Combustion Procedure


  • M. Moazzam Hossen Department of Computer Science and Engineering, International Islamic University Chittagong, Chattogram 4318, Bangladesh


Nanomaterials, Sol-Gel auto combustion procedure, Dielectric, Electric modulus, Impedance spectrum, AC conductivity


Ni0.1Mn0.4Cu0.2Cd0.3Fe2O4 has been planned to prepare by the sol-gel auto combustion procedure. From the frequency 20 Hz to the frequency 15 MHz, dielectric properties, electric modulus, impedance spectroscopy, and ac conductivity has been documented with the help of an impedance analyzer. From the graph of the real dielectric part, it has been viewed that the dielectric constant value reduces with the boost of frequency that can be elucidated through Maxwell and Wagner's two-layer theory. A lucid peak has been found in the graph of the imaginary electric modulus part that is the clear distinction between two conduction regions in the frequency area. In the impedance spectroscopy, high impedance has been monitored in the low-frequency section. Enhance of ac conductivity in the high-frequency section reveals the activity of grains over grain boundary.


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