Quality Assurance Model in Enhancing the Professional Development Content


  • Othman Abu Khurma Emirates College for Advanced Education, Khalifa A City, Abu Dhabi PO Box 126662, UAE
  • Yahia Al Ramamneh Emirates College for Advanced Education
  • Terra Hassell Emirates College for Advanced Education
  • Mariam Al Hammadi Emirates College for Advanced Education
  • Soha Zoelfakar Emirates College for Advanced Education
  • Yasmin Fairouz Emirates College for Advanced Education


Professional Development, Quality Assurance, Content development, Training


The purpose of this research is to identify aspects of the quality assurance model to develop high-quality professional development content. The research reviewed relevant literature to collect major processes and procedures quality assurers used and followed to enhance the quality of the training content. In addition, the research referred to a current model that has been used by researchers in a UAE governmental organization. The results introduce a comprehensive model that includes the overall quality assurance cycle, interaction with other content experts, the characteristics of high-quality content, procedures quality assurers and involved professionals should follow. The research recommended applying the proposed procedures and actions to place professionals in a well-structured quality assurance model that considers training needs, instructional designers and learners’ feedback, content experts and other involved professionals. This would ensure information and feedback is conveyed during content development and quality assurance process to address the requirements of the learners.


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