Laboratory Development and Shared Antigenicity of Two Prototype Candidate Citrobacter Freundii Vaccines


  • Ibrahim Shnawa University of Qasim , College of Biotechnology , Department of Biotechnology , Qasim Babylon ,IRAQ
  • Qassim Thewaini University of Qasim , College of Biotechnology , Department of Biotechnology , Qasim Babylon ,IRAQ
  • Abdulrasul ALShibeeb Babylon Board of Health, Central Public Health Laboratory,Babylon,Hillah,IRAQ


Antibody, Antisera, Shared antigenicit, Agglutinin, Absorption.


Cirobacter  freundii are currently standing  as a  newly emerged human pathogen causing several infection types .It may  take an outbreak pattern of  nosocomial  infectious disease. Thus,  a  prototype candidate Citrobacter  freundii  human uro-pathogen were aimed to be  laboratory developed in two versions .The first  was heat killed intact[CFKV] and the second was  stealth live  cell wall defective[CFSLV] vaccines. Both versions  were found to be; safe ,immunogenic  and effective  on  lapin immune and  challenge models. The immune  efficacy  was up to 80% for CF SLV  and 60% for the CFKV vaccines. CFKV and CFSLV  vaccines  were with no mortality but with mild short lasting  morbidity. The criteria of the  laboratory developed  C. fruendii vaccines were matching that of typhoid vaccine Ty21a.The stealth FCSLV of  freundii vaccine has shown shared  antigenicity with CFKV vaccine version. Such shared antigenicity was found to be of bilateral nature  both in quantitative and qualitative terms. CFKV and CFSLV vaccines  induced humoral antibody responses  which  may be of Th2 dependent B cell responses. T cell responses are far from being operable in  the immune  efficacy of these vaccines, since  C .fruendii are neither obligate nor facultative intracellular parasites . Vaccine lapin  cross challenge models  are waiting to be explored in a  future work.


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